Campden Hill International takes a real world approach to making teams work.

Whatever the challenges you are facing in your organization, we have years of experience helping make it possible for groups to productively work with their differences.

How do we do it? Read more about some of our favorite success stories.

Campden Hill Case Studies

Building a Team from Scratch, with Speed

Our severe time constraints meant that we had to get right to the point at each stage, deal with obstacles that arose, and seek agreement in order to move on.

Improving Communication Across Geographically Dispersed Teams

Campden Hill International worked with a geographically dispersed team to help members overcome cultural differences and work toward shared goals.

Creating Commitment for a New Strategy

Working together, the team, members of the government and Campden Hill International designed a process to launch a joint discussion of the strategy for development in the country.
Campden Hill Testimonials
About the Campden Hill Method

At Campden Hill International, we engage our clients in a spirit of curiosity. Every client interaction is unique and, from the beginning, we stay open to the possibilities it presents.

From the Blog

Clarity on the Golf Course

Small talk leads to a breakthrough insight.

Uncertainty, Fear, and Learning

Fear is a signal you might be about to learn something.
Meet Michael Ciszewski

Michael Ciszewski is an organization development practitioner with a pragmatic, research-based approach to helping clients arrive at practical solutions. He has extensive international experience in strategy formulation and in creating high performing teams.